Because buying bare ownership is worthwhile

Let’s start by saying that buying the bare ownership of a property means paying it much less than its market price. Let’s leave aside the calculation of the value per square meter : the price of a property purchased in this way must necessarily be calculated starting from specific usufruct calculation tables for tax purposes drawn up by the Ministry of the Interior . For example, buying a house in bare ownership mode from a person aged between 76 and 78 means starting from a negotiation basis equal to 70% of the market price . Net, therefore, of the additional discounts that can be obtained by negotiating

sell your property

Beyond the savings on the purchase price , buying the bare ownership of a property is convenient because for the entire duration of the usufruct the buyer will not have to bear ordinary expenses , but only extraordinary ones, even if there are negotiations during which – or for a matter of timing or for the haste to close the deal – the seller proposes to bear all expenses , ordinary and extraordinary. Without considering that the purchase of houses in this way lends itself well not only to guaranteeing a home for one’s heirs , but also in terms of real estate investment , given that after many years it will be possible to resell at a higher price .

How to pay for a house that you bought bare ownership

The first solution is the most obvious: you pay the agreed amount at the time of purchase . There is no lack of alternative and intermediate solutions: for example, there are those who propose the payment of an initial amount as an advance and the rest divided into monthly installments; solution, let’s face it, which is usually not particularly popular with homeowners, resorting to the sale of the bare property essentially to be able to make cash immediately and collect liquidity. Finally, there is the possibility of dividing the entire sum into monthly installments, as if to guarantee the seller the receipt of a monthly annuity.. This last solution is highly appreciated abroad but with no or almost no response in our country, for the same reasons we mentioned earlier.