D&D Quest – The Quest for the Legendary Library

Objective: Send your players on an epic quest to discover a legendary library filled with ancient and forbidden knowledge. This adventure will challenge their skills, wits, and determination as they navigate through various obstacles and encounters to reach their ultimate goal.

Materials Needed:

  • Character sheets for all players.
  • Dungeon Master (DM) guidebook or adventure notes.
  • Set of polyhedral dnd dice.
  • Miniatures or tokens for player characters and NPCs.
  • Maps of key locations (optional).
  • Printed notes or scrolls with clues and riddles.


  • Develop the Story: Create a rich backstory for the legendary library. Who built it? What knowledge is hidden within? Why is it forbidden or hidden away? How do rumors of its existence reach the players?
  • Create Key NPCs: Design important non-player characters (NPCs) who are connected to the library. This can include a guardian, a mysterious scholar, or a rival group also seeking the library’s secrets.
  • Prepare Encounters: Plan encounters and challenges the players will face on their journey. Include combat encounters, puzzles, traps, and social interactions.
  • Design Clues and Riddles: Create a series of clues and riddles that will guide the players toward the library’s location and reveal its secrets. These clues can be hidden in ancient texts, cryptic messages, or even in the architecture of the library itself.
  • Map Key Locations: If the library is part of a larger complex, create maps for essential locations, including the library itself and any surrounding areas.

Instructions for the DM:

Introduction: Begin the quest by introducing the players to rumors or legends about the legendary library. This could come from a mysterious old tome, a wise sage, or an urgent request from a scholar in need.

Gathering Information: Encourage the players to gather information, talk to NPCs, and follow leads to discover the library’s location. Provide them with their first clue, which could be a cryptic message or an ancient map.

Overcoming Challenges: As the players journey towards the library, present them with various challenges. These can include encounters with monsters, solving puzzles, navigating treacherous terrain, or overcoming magical traps.

The Legendary Library: When the players finally reach the library, describe its grandeur and the sense of ancient knowledge within its walls. Allow them to explore the library’s chambers, discover forbidden tomes, and uncover its hidden secrets.


Bring the quest to a satisfying conclusion, and use any loose ends or unresolved mysteries as potential hooks for future adventures.

Remember to adapt the quest to your campaign’s setting, the level of challenge your players are comfortable with, and their preferences for roleplay, combat, and exploration. This quest should be an exciting and memorable journey into the world of forbidden knowledge in your dnd dice goblin campaign.