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NetSuite is considered to be the number one software system of ERP solutions. erp oracle netsuite is a type of could software which is an all in one cloud business management software system. It helps the organizations to function better and to store more information which is readily available in times of need. The main area’s at which this software looks after are financial,  operations and customer relationships, with this software your work becomes ten times easier and you don’t waste time doing manual work and get to focus on the main tasks at hand.

NetSuite is nothing but a SaaS system and it is not offered in an on premise edition. In short, Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a core suite of Oracle Cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and oracle Expense Management and Oracle Risk Management are part of this solution. NetSuite doesn’t work for every company that implements it, it works in the best interest of those companies who do not need any HR modules. NetSuite at its core is actually just a glorified database with a user-friendly interface managed through SQL.

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Which one is better; SAP or Oracle NetSuite?

While there is no doubt that both of these systems can handle the manufacturing and supply chain, it doesn’t change the fact that NetSuite may be better suited to mid-sized companies who do not need marketing or HR modules in the same system as their manufacturing data. Alternately, SAP’s professional services features are made in such a way that they suit larger companies with deep human capital resource needs, so both of these are the better options based on what the company needs. NetSuite is very easy to use and navigate. Things like intuitive user interface and customizable dashboards help a lot to work efficiently. In terms of real-time visibility: NetSuite is known to provide real-time visibility into not just one but all the business operations, it also enables the companies decision makers to make informed decisions based fully on acquired and accurate data that the system has been storing.