How to tell if a Pokemon card is 1st edition?

Pokemon cards can be determined as either base set or first edition card with 3 distinct factors. They will have the first edition stamp on them, unique border shadowing, and appropriate copyright dates. If all three details are present on the card, then the card belongs to the first edition.

Some people don’t care for the first edition cards, while others care more for the same cards by knowing the value of the card. You can check the exact value of the card on the market. If you have cards from the 1990’s, you don’t need to recheck that it’s the first edition card. That is a more valuable and precious rare card.

A survey was conducted among people to know how they found the first edition card, and 65% of people failed to recognize the first edition card. A survey was conducted among card collectors for their childhood memories.

Pokemon cards

Fans love the collectors and the franchise. They get their hands on 1st edition cards, shadowless cards, and unlimited cards. These cards are currently selling for around $20,000 on the market; the card value has increased significantly more than the pastime.

The collectors market maintains the cards’ likely license to collect cards as they become popular. The cards are printed brand new, and some of them are set as a base set with three different runs. Those are the first edition cards, the shadowless cards, and the unlimited cards.

First edition card

It was the first one printed at the very beginning. In the first edition, there were only limited Pokemon cards designed and marked with a stamp. These cards are valuable, and the scarcer the card, the more valuable it is.

Shadow less cards

After the 1st edition card, the stamps were removed and the card design remained the same. Then the designs of the cards change. This is another change in the prints.

Unlimited cards

The final run of base cards is known as “unlimited cards”. They are identified by the shadow of the card frame. Pokemon images and shadows are on the right of the card frame.