How to Sell Your House with an Unwanted Timeshare

Many people purchase timeshares with the intention of using it minimally. As time goes on, however, the timeshare remains unused and eventually, they decide they need to sell their home. Unfortunately, having a timeshare can make selling their property more challenging as most buyers are looking for single family homes and aren’t interested in timeshares at all. This article will explain how to sell your home even if you have an unwanted timeshare. Click here to view our customer loyalty programs:

Understanding the Market

Timeshares are not as sought-after a purchase as single family homes are. Mortgages and insurance on timeshares exist primarily to protect owners’ interests, necessitating them to maintain good equity positions in order to avoid foreclosure. With such limited buyer demand, sellers should expect lower than desired sales prices in recent years due to declining demand. This trend has continued over time with prices following suit.

Promote Your Timeshare as a Second Home

The most successful method for selling a timeshare is to market it as a second residence rather than an investment property. Timeshares are in high demand among second-home owners looking for an affordable vacation spot. There’s no need to explain the sales process since most potential buyers already understand what a timeshare is about.

Selling Your House During a Downsize

Avoid Competing Listings

When selling a house, it is essential to have it listed on as many websites and classifieds as possible. Seasonal vacation homes tend to have a smaller market compared to year-round residences; therefore, stick with major listings which cater to second homeowners rather than listing locally where your property could potentially face competition from other properties for sale.

Price it competitively

Timeshares often don’t sell due to overpricing. Buyers want a bargain and will often beat the asking price. In some cases, it may even be necessary to price below market value in order for the timeshare to sell quickly.

Utilizing a Broker

With such a limited pool of buyers, small price changes can make all the difference between getting a buyer or not. As such, using a broker to manage the sale process is the most reliable way to guarantee that the final price remains competitive.

Selling Your Timeshare Within a Limited Period of Time

The longer you wait to sell your timeshare, the less likely it is that you will find a buyer. Finding a buyer quickly helps avoid costs associated with preparation and advertising of the property for sale. Therefore, if you plan on selling your timeshare, it’s essential to get underway as soon as possible.