Avoid unnecessary costs by choosing a home buyer!


As an individual who is interested in selling their house, one may expect to earn a complete profit from the sale by themselves. However, there are many hidden costs that are involved in selling a house, which together would accumulate and cause a heavy financial burden on an individual. This is a common occurrence if an individual decides to sell the house on their own or under the guidance of a real estate agent. Instead, they can alternatively choose to engage the services of a home buyer to avoid these costs.

What are the costs that an individual can avoid with a home buyer?

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  • Maintenance and repair – The most obvious costs that an individual would have to deal with if they try to sell their house on their own are those involved in the repair of the house. Repair and maintenance are necessary because the house should be in prime condition to persuade potential customers into purchasing it. Nevertheless, this is not required if one sells to a home buyer, because they are willing to purchase the house as it is, therefore, allowing an individual to cut costs.
  • Service fees or commission – Unlike other professionals involved in the field of real estate, home buyers do not demand their customers to pay for the service itself. One does not need to give up a percentage of the profit made from the sale to pay the professional or pay additional fees.
  • Closing costs – Another type of cost incurred by individuals when finalizing the sale deal would be closing costs, where the individual may have to pay some amount of money as a bonus because the deal has been finalized and agreed upon. This is a hidden cost that most individuals have to face if they try to sell their house through traditional methods.


Those who want to sell their house will always try to look for the most cost-effective ways that they can. Choosing to avail the services of a home buyer like https://www.ibuyhaus.com/we-buy-houses-oregon/ would allow them to save a lot of money on their budget, which they could otherwise redirect into buying a new house.